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Review: Justice League

Superman is dead and the world needs saving, time for a new team of superheroes to save the day – the Justice League? Well that’s the question Director Zach Snyder…

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Making Moves

Hip-hop artist Mari makes waves at A3C and on the web (SPONSORED)

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Crispy chicken and broccoli with cilantro

When it comes to eating healthy, it shouldn’t be expensive. One of my all-time favorite Chinese takeout dishes is chicken and broccoli. If you’re lucky, you can find some restaurants…

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Beyond the Hashtag: Black Films Have Shown Much Promise Since #OscarsSoWhite

This is feature I wrote for The Root. The original story was part of a series of essays produced by the African American Film Critics Association. You can find the article on…

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Seasons in flavor

This is an article I originally wrote for Living Intown magazine, December, 2016. You can read the magazine online. On any given morning, you can find Jeff Jones in The…

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Custom furniture maker boasts celebrity clients in Castleberry Hill

This is an article I originally wrote for Living Intown magazine, January, 2016. It was later featured on As you walk into furniture-maker Kendrick Anderson’s studio in Castleberry Hills,…

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CL’s guide to Out On Film 2015

Spotlighting the best in LGBTQ cinema, the Out On Film festival kicks off its 28th season tonight at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema. The weeklong festival continues to nudge the needle…

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‘Captive’ star David Oyelowo’s daunting task

It has been over ten years since Brian Nichols besieged Atlanta on the morning of March 11, 2005. On trial for rape, Nichols escaped custody leaving court guard Cynthia Hall…

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ATLFF: Catching up with Lanre Olabisi

In his latest film, Somewhere in the Middle, writer and director Lanre Olabisi points his lens at a relationship and reveals the truth has more facets than it seems. The…

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Jada Pinkett Smith on female empowerment and ‘Magic Mike XXL’

It is not unusual for actress Jada Pinkett Smith to play strong female characters. She’s been at it for more than 20 years. Starting her career in guest roles on…

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