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Finding Soul In New South Cuisine

This is feature I wrote for HuffingtonPost Black Voices in 2012. The original story was part of a monthly-long Black Voices Spotlight on the city of Atlanta. You can find…

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Hollywood Product: Battleship

GENRE: Action sci-fi THE PITCH: NASA scientist slingshot a message into deep space towards a “goldilocks planet” in deep space. Years later an alien race venture to Earth and position…

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New Mutants movie slated for Fox

In a recent interview with, Fox CEO Tom Rothman suggests plans to extend the X-Men universe with a New Mutants feature film that may be in the works. The…

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Speakeasy with … ‘The Walking Dead’ IronE Singleton

IronE Singleton’s bio reads like it was scripted for a movie. Born and raised in the Perry Homes housing projects in Southwest Atlanta, his mother was a drug addict, his…

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Act of Valor: Navy SEALs in this fictional propaganda feature keeps this film afloat

I consider it a little strange to see co-directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, standing front and center speaking enthusiastically into the camera, addressing the audience with an introduction and primer…

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Alrick Brown’s Kinyarwanda speaks volumes

“Don’t’ compare it to Hotel Rwanda, Don’t compare it to Hotel Rwanda!” I kept telling myself. So much so its typed at the top of my notes in a bold…

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Speakeasy with: John Boyega

In the film Attack The Block, a young gang of unlikely thugs stumble onto an alien invasion taking place on their home turf in South London. After the group’s leader,…

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The Eternal Rose at The Mansion on Peachtree

Maybe you’ve noticed lately when perusing the specialty drink menus at restaurants and bars that there’s a definite trend toward savory and floral inspired libations. The ingredients used to create…

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Bakon Vodka tasting podcast

Yes its true – I f***in’ love bacon. In my opinion it belongs in its own food group along with peanut butter, salt and hot sauce – all the things…

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The DVD List – 3/31

I can’t explain, it but I’ve never taken a shine to Sir Doyle’s most enduring character – the super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law). In my opinion, he’s…

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