20 People to Watch landing page

Challenge: The Atlanta editorial team approached the online team with devising a new design that is appealing to mobile devices and highlights the amazing photography and soundbites from the profiled locals in this  year’s issue. the layout needed to be airy, light and feature focused without looking like a magazine or cramming too much above the fold.

Solution: Design a simple, elegant page that create each entry as a billboard – creating a unique feel for each of the 20 people to watch. To simplify coding within the CMS, we made the entire feature site dynamic utilizing custom queries to dynamically generate the order, layout and CSS styles shown on each of the headlines that appear above the billboard images.

Results: ’20 People to Watch’ page views increased over 50 percent and bounce rate decreased by over 15 percent over four months. The design was well received by other SouthComm properties using the Foundation platform, we installed similar templates to 3 of the 6 publications for their use.


CLATL.com - 20 People to Watch 2015

20 People to watch screen shot. Click to Zoom