OMG Survey Application

Challenge: SouthComm Communications needed a solution to create best of surveys for LEO Weekly (Louisville, KY) that was cost effective and time saving. After reviewing several existing solutions we decided to develop an internal application for the newspapers and niche magazines to use. With a short timetable,  we needed to develop a simple, yet power tool for publications to generate surveys  easily and autonomously.

Solution: Using Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL we developed an application that was quick to implement with lots of tools including a dashboard to quickly access existing and expired survey; normalization tools to easily count survey winners, and several import and export functions to make uploading questions and exporting results fast for the end user. The original prototype was designed using Adobe Illustrator but later converted to Adobe Experience Designer during updates. OMG Survey launched and balloting for publications with no previous solutions were able to create ballots for readers in no time.

Preview the prototype or watch the demo: