Umbrella Academy Timeline Explained: A time-sensitive guide for stopping the end of the world

Let’s face it, the Netflix original series, “The Umbrella Academy” is simply weird. The series based off the award-winning Dark Horse comic books by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba is a peculiar and quirky addition to the superhero genre. With an origin story like no other, kids being born on the same day, at the same time from women who were not expecting — the books and the series take us on a dark yet comical journey that feels like a coming of age story, even though a majority of the series takes place as adults.  

Season 1: Apocalypse Suite 

The streaming series stitches together fragments, events, and characters from two story lines from the comics, “Apocalypse Suite” and “Dallas” to tell this unusual story of super-powered siblings.  Like the comics, the story jumps back and forth through time in order to make sense of the circumstances the siblings tend to find themselves in. So, in order to make sense of it all, here is a helpful timeline cobbled together from conversations, printed materials, and date indicators in the episodes from the two seasons (with a little help from the comic books and Wikipedia) to keep you on track. 


Sir Reginald Hargreeves arrives at Pier 7 with a third-class ticket. Upon arriving to the city, he buys the D.S. Umbrella Company.  


Klaus steals Hazel and Cha-Cha’s case after being held hostage by the two. When he tries to open it, he is transported back in time to A Shau Valley, Vietnam during the Vietnam War where he is stuck on the front lines for 10 months before returning home.  


After reaching an agreement in the present, Five agrees to take a position as a case analyst for the Temp Commission if she calls off the bounty and leaves his family alone. The Handler takes Five to their home office to fulfill his new role as a case analyst.  

October 1, 1989 – 12:00 p.m. 

43 women around the world gave birth simultaneously become pregnant and deliver babies at noon. After the phenomenon Sir Richard Hargreeves adopted seven of the strange children.  

October 1, 1989 – 7:00 p.m. 

Harrold Jenkins is born. 29 year later, he takes the name Leonard Peabody, Vanya’s boyfriend. 


Vanya’s temper and powers are out of control. Hargreeves builds Grace, to what the children refer to her as “Mom” – a more, uh… durable caretaker.  


The Umbrella Academy thwart a bank robbery. Sir Reginald Hargreeves announces The Umbrella Academy to the world. 

December 10, 2002 

Number Five decides he’s ready to try and time jump. After a bit of a tiff at the breakfast table he successfully jumps to the future only to become stuck in the aftermath of the apocalypse.  


Ben Hargreeves is killed on a mission when the children are trying to stop an attack on Paris. (Okay, okay … this is a bit of a cheat. The details are described in Issue #2 of the comic book “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals.” The date is actually from season 2, episode 10: “The End of Something”). 


Luther is injured during a solo mission. To save his life Hargreeves injects him with a serum that dramatically changes his physique to that of simian proportions and attributes. 


Vanya Hargreeves publishes her tell-all memoir, “Extra Ordinary: My Life as Number Seven”. 


Hargreeves sends Luther on a mission on the moon where he stays until hearing of his father’s death.  


Patrick files for divorce from Allison Hargreeves after discovering she has been using her abilities on their daughter, Claire.  

March 21, 2019 

Sir Richard Hargreeves dies.  

March 24, 2019 

The children reunite to say goodbye to their father. After the memorial an anomaly appears outside and Five who has been missing for 16 years appears, still in his pubescent body.  

March 25, 2019 

Leonard Peabody arrives for his first violin lesson with Vanya. Hazel and Cha-Cha arrive to fulfill a contract on Five.  

March 29, 2019 

Allison, Diego, and Klaus learn the truth about Leonard. Allison sets off to find Vanya. 

April 1, 2019 

Vanya, learns the truth about her past and confronts Pogo. Vanya performs at her concert and is attacked by her brothers. The world comes to an end. The Umbrella Academy decide to try again to save the world by jumping back in time.  

Season 2: Dallas 

February 11, 1960 

After Five attempts to save his siblings from the apocalypse in 2019, they jump back in time to try and stop the pending disaster. Klaus arrives in an alley in Dallas, Texas. While trying to hustle food, he meets a wealthy benefactor and with the help of Ben accidentally starts a cult named Destiny’s Child.  

October 31, 1960 

Sir Reginald Hargreeves patents the Televator: the next great source of transportation. 


Allison arrives in the same alley in Dallas Texas. Meanwhile, Klaus along with his followers take a trip to Baja Mexico. 


Luther arrives in the same alley in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, Klaus takes journey to Varanasi, India to commune with his cult. Pogo becomes the first monkey in space but the mission goes awry. To save Pogo, Hargreeves injects him with serum that will increase his cognitive abilities.  

September 1, 1963 

Diego arrives in the alley in Dallas, Texas. 

October 12, 1963 

Vanya arrives in the same alley in Dallas, Texas, 

November 25, 1963 

Five arrives in the same alley in Dallas, Texas right in the middle of a battle between the Soviet Union and the United States with the Umbrella Academy fighting on the front lines.  

November 15, 1963 

Hazel transports Five ten days into the past, giving he and his siblings another chance to save the world from a doomsday event. The Swedish men arrive. 

November 18, 1963 

Five, Diego, and Lila crash a reception at the Mexican consulate where the shadow cabal is meeting. Diego meets Grace, the blueprint for Mom, his android nanny. 

November 19, 1963 

Five strikes a deal with the Handler to kill the Temp Commission’s board of directors at their next meeting somewhere in the future in order to get a case to transport his family back to the 2019. 

November 20, 1963 

The siblings meet with their father at the Southland Life building in Dallas to seek his assistance in stopping the pending world-ending event. And confront him about his connection with the assassination of president John. F. Kennedy two days from now. 

November 21, 1963 

Diego is drugged and taken to the Temp Commission’s home office and offered an opportunity to become an enforcer for the organization. 

November 22, 1963 

Five and Luther fail to acquire a case from Five from the future. President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Hargreeve’s confronts his cabal cronies after learning their intent for he and his inventions.  


Five arrives at the Lonely Lodger Inn in OshKosh, Wisconsin and kills the Temp Commission’s board members and captures A.J. Carmichael, the head of the organization.  

London, 1993  

Lila Pitt’s parents are killed during a break in. The Handler rescues her and raises her as her daughter. 

April 1, 2019 

Five transports all six members of the Umbrella Academy – well seven if you count Ben back to the past to try to avert the apocalypse. 

April 2, 2019 

The Umbrella Academy returns from the past discovering both crises were averted; they discover their home is now the residents of The Sparrow Academy. 

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